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Moduļu mēbeles: Moduļi no Akmentiņš
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Moduļu mēbeles: Corrado sekcija no Meb.lv
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Moduļu mēbeles: Revel sekcija III no Meb.lv
Karmen (FY-2446M)
60.00 Ls
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Moduļu mēbeles: Revel sekcija II no Meb.lv
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Moduļu mēbeles: Revel sekcija no Meb.lv
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Moduļu mēbeles: Morena sekcija no Meb.lv
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Moduļu mēbeles: Finca sekcija no Meb.lv
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The Gibraltar Non Resident company is practical and cost efficient
type of company for offshore international business activities.
It is an excellent alternative to the Irish non-resident company
which was very popular as offshore vehicle until 1999.
There is no universal way of establishing an offshore entity -
each business situation needs the individual configuration
of an offshore company. If properly organized,
Gibraltar offshore company allows to improve business efficiency, to get
substantial tax benefits, to reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the most popular offshore jurisdiction
in the world for International Business Companies (IBC's).
BVI legislation is modern and very flexible, there are more benefits
than requirements, this has made it the base for IBC formation legislation
in many Caribbean jurisdictions. They consider it to be the ideal model
for establishing an international financial centre
and attracting the world offshore community.
The BVI offshore IBC formation legislation was implemented in 1984
and is constantly developed according to the demands and
requirements of international offshore community.
Personal privacy of any shareholder or director is well protected as their names
do not appear in any BVI incorporation documents and public records.
In their turn, shareholders and directors
are ensuring confidentiality of beneficiary owners.
The International Business Company is a corporate formation
with limited liability, conducting no business in the BVI,
fully exempt from the BVI income taxes and
only paying annual nominal fee to the government.
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