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The most common and advantageus way of offshore company formation in
Seychelles is incorporating an IBC, which is an ideal offshore instrument
for international business and investment activities.
Seychelles offshore shelf companies are previously organized and
never used corporations, with registered capital and all the costs paid,
which can be purchased for customer's immediate needs, in order
to avoid the waiting time for incorporation, or for those clients
who wish to operate with long established offshore entity.
Obvious advantages of offshore company formation in Seychelles are
tax efficiency, full exemption from income tax, withholding tax,
capital gains tax, inheritance or corporation tax, minimal compliance
requirements, confidentiality and absence of foreign exchange control.
Seychelles Special License Company is a new entity regulated by the
Companies (Special Licenses) Act 2003, with the status of a low-tax company
and using all the benefits of double tax avoidance treaties
that are not accessible for Seychelles IBC's.
The BVI offshore IBC formation legislation was implemented in 1984
and is constantly developed according to the demands and
requirements of international offshore community.
BVI offshore sector includes International Business Company,
Limited Partnership and Trust, all of them not liable to any taxes.
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