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BVI legislation is modern and very flexible, there are more benefits
than requirements, this has made it the base for IBC formation legislation
in many Caribbean jurisdictions. They consider it to be the ideal model
for establishing an international financial centre
and attracting the world offshore community.
The BVI are a British Overseas Territory, and this provides for the country
exceptional political and economical stability and higher standard of living
than in most countries of the region. This is
an ideal financial and tax planning centre for international business
that is seeking less publicity and more confidentiality.
Various offshore companies are available in Gibraltar
including Gibraltar non-resident companies.
The Gibraltar Non Resident company is practical and cost efficient
type of company for offshore international business activities.
It is an excellent alternative to the Irish non-resident company
which was very popular as offshore vehicle until 1999.
Economical and legal stability in Gibraltar gives additional
advantages to the owners of Gibraltar offshore companies:
not only they enjoy all the features of asset protection, but also
acquire stability and good reputation for their business.
The Gibraltar non-resident company is the best way to protect your
personal assets or to hold your property and investments, when
the complicated tax exemption and tax planning schemes are not needed.
Gibraltar offshore companies are flexible, as they can be re-domiciled
in many other offshore jurisdictions including Malta,
the British Virgin Islands and the USA.
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