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Кухня: Virtuve 60 от Prīma Mēbeles
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Кухня: Virtuve 59 от Prīma Mēbeles
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Кухня: Virtuve 58 от Prīma Mēbeles
Remiks (ZJK-0003)
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Кухня: Virtuve 57 от Prīma Mēbeles
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Кухня: Virtuve 56 от Prīma Mēbeles
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Кухня: Virtuve 6 от Alan Deko
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Кухня: Virtuve 5 от Alan Deko
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Offshore company is a specialized offshore incorporation firm located
in Gibraltar and licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
to provide offshore company formation services.
Various offshore companies are available in Gibraltar
including Gibraltar non-resident companies.
Economical and legal stability in Gibraltar gives additional
advantages to the owners of Gibraltar offshore companies:
not only they enjoy all the features of asset protection, but also
acquire stability and good reputation for their business.
The Gibraltar non-resident company is the best way to protect your
personal assets or to hold your property and investments, when
the complicated tax exemption and tax planning schemes are not needed.
For offshore company registration in Seychelles, only one director
and one shareholder are required; each of them can be either physical person
or corporate entity. Their details do not appear in the public records.
Information about beneficial owners, directors and shareholders
is kept confidential, not becoming the part of public record.
For maintaining owner's confidentiality, nominee services are also available.
Seychelles Special License Company is a new entity regulated by the
Companies (Special Licenses) Act 2003, with the status of a low-tax company
and using all the benefits of double tax avoidance treaties
that are not accessible for Seychelles IBC's.
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