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In many cases Seychelles offshore company may retain
its tax-free status only provided that it is properly managed by
Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder's services are involved.
Offshore company incorporation in Seychelles tax haven
has many advantages for international investors,
including tax exemption, complete confidentiality,
political stability and absence of exchange control.
There are Seychelles shelf companies available, however if you wish
to form an IBC according to your own needs, you can choose among
the full range of optional services, including nominee services,
company management, offshore bank introductions.
The professional clients looking for the Seychelles company formation
on regular basis are usually provided with the most competitive prices,
qualitative service and the highest level of confidentiality.
Offshore activities in Seychelles tax haven are regulated by
the Seychelles International Business Authority, which provides
the company Registrar for IBC's and trusts, and approves registered agents,
offering the services of company incorporation.
BVI legislation is modern and very flexible, there are more benefits
than requirements, this has made it the base for IBC formation legislation
in many Caribbean jurisdictions. They consider it to be the ideal model
for establishing an international financial centre
and attracting the world offshore community.
The new BVI Business Companies Act provides full tax exemption
to all offshore corporate formations registered there
and ensures modern and flexible business environment.
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