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Modern Home

Modern Home

Address:Modern Home e-veikals
Darba laiks: P - P: 10.00-19.00
Mob.tālr.: +371 225 222 82
Tālr.: +371 673 128 01
E-pasts: eveikals@lans.lv
Phone: 673 128 01

The company SIA LANS was founded in 1992 and is the one of the oldest furniture companies in Latvia. Over 19 years of its work, the company has acquired reputation as a reliable partner not only in Latvia but abroad.

Our furniture stores: „VOX Mēbeles”, „Modern Home” and design studio „Vīza” are well known to Latvian residents.

Over these years we serviced more then 50000 customers from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan and other countries. Among our clients are foreign embassies in Latvia.

Our extensive experience allows us to make a unique suggestions to our customers. We supply goods directly from the manufacturers from Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland and Asia. Relying on our knowledge we offer fine goods to our customers.

Our stuff are friendly and experienced top-class professionals in furniture industry. They are also available to answer any question you might have and to offer the best solution for your interior.

By doing shopping in our stores - you trust professionals with 19 year experience.

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