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Wattled furniture

578.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīts skapis 27/05 from Meb.lv
519.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīts skapis 27/04 from Meb.lv
519.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīts skapis 27/03 from Meb.lv
Karmen (FY-2446M)
60.00 Ls
all offers
77.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīti plaukti 13/05 from Meb.lv
240.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīti plaukti 09/24 from Meb.lv
228.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīti plaukti 09/18 from Meb.lv
114.00 Ls view
Wattled furniture: Pīti plaukti 09/23 from Meb.lv
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The information on Seychelles offshore companies
is not shared or reported to any overseas authorities or organizations,
thus remaining confidential. Also, unlike some other tax havens,
Seychelles is not subject to the EU Savings Tax Directive.
Seychelles IBC can be incorporated with bearer shares,
although there are certain restrictions towards their use.
Seychelles Special License Company is a low-tax company,
liable to 1.5% tax on its worldwide income but exempt
from any withholding taxes on dividends, interest, royalties,
from stamp duties on any property, share transfers and transactions.
Seychelles IBC may generally be directed by the company owner
or by an appointed nominee director, whose main function would be to shield
the actual owner of the offshore company
from any publicly obvious relation to the company.
Offshore company is a specialized offshore incorporation firm located
in Gibraltar and licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
to provide offshore company formation services.
The Gibraltar Non Resident company is practical and cost efficient
type of company for offshore international business activities.
It is an excellent alternative to the Irish non-resident company
which was very popular as offshore vehicle until 1999.
There is no universal way of establishing an offshore entity -
each business situation needs the individual configuration
of an offshore company. If properly organized,
Gibraltar offshore company allows to improve business efficiency, to get
substantial tax benefits, to reduce costs and maintain confidentiality.
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