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TV tables

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TV tables: Björkkvist from SKANO
on demand view
TV tables: Skapis 2 from Akmentiņš
on demand view
TV tables: TV galdiņš 2 from Akmentiņš
55.00 Ls
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TV tables: TV galdiņš 1 from Akmentiņš
75.00 Ls view
TV tables: Pīts TV galds 14/07 from Meb.lv
90.00 Ls view
TV tables: Pīts TV galds 14/01 from Meb.lv
104.00 Ls view
TV tables: Constanta TV skapis from Meb.lv
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BVI is a major international financial centre with offshore industry
strongly supported by the government.
The BVI are a British Overseas Territory, and this provides for the country
exceptional political and economical stability and higher standard of living
than in most countries of the region. This is
an ideal financial and tax planning centre for international business
that is seeking less publicity and more confidentiality.
The International Business Company is a corporate formation
with limited liability, conducting no business in the BVI,
fully exempt from the BVI income taxes and
only paying annual nominal fee to the government.
BVI offshore sector includes International Business Company,
Limited Partnership and Trust, all of them not liable to any taxes.
International Business Company is one of the most popular and
versatile types of offshore corporation available in Seychelles. There are
approximately 600 new companies registered every month in the jurisdiction.
Seychelles IBC may generally be directed by the company owner
or by an appointed nominee director, whose main function would be to shield
the actual owner of the offshore company
from any publicly obvious relation to the company.
Offshore corporate bank account may be opened for Seychelles IBC
in one of the most reliable banks of the tax haven.
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