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519.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Pīts skapis 27/03 from Meb.lv
97.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Colias skapis from Meb.lv
207.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Constanta skapis from Meb.lv
55.00 Ls
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149.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Sanga skapis from Meb.lv
275.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Aramis skapis from Meb.lv
109.00 Ls view
Wardrobes: Rejtan skapis from Meb.lv
103.45 Ls view
Wardrobes: Accenta sienas modulis/sienas skapis from ACCENTA
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Offshore company incorporation in Seychelles tax haven
has many advantages for international investors,
including tax exemption, complete confidentiality,
political stability and absence of exchange control.
The prices for Seychelles offshore company formation
are reasonable and very flexible,
when you configure Seychelles IBC according to individual needs.
The professional clients looking for the Seychelles company formation
on regular basis are usually provided with the most competitive prices,
qualitative service and the highest level of confidentiality.
BVI International Business Companies provide
the strong combination of high flexibility and
the unquestioned confidentiality that allowed them to become
the most popular and widely used type of offshore company.
BVI legislation is modern and very flexible, there are more benefits
than requirements, this has made it the base for IBC formation legislation
in many Caribbean jurisdictions. They consider it to be the ideal model
for establishing an international financial centre
and attracting the world offshore community.
The BVI are a British Overseas Territory, and this provides for the country
exceptional political and economical stability and higher standard of living
than in most countries of the region. This is
an ideal financial and tax planning centre for international business
that is seeking less publicity and more confidentiality.
Personal privacy of any shareholder or director is well protected as their names
do not appear in any BVI incorporation documents and public records.
In their turn, shareholders and directors
are ensuring confidentiality of beneficiary owners.
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