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Tables till 70cm

61.75 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Uran from Gambs
44.90 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Roger from Gambs
38.20 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Pal from Gambs
Remiks (ZJK-0003)
33.00 Ls
all offers
58.40 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Oskar from Gambs
74.00 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Opal from Gambs
51.65 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Narcyz, Narcyz plus from Gambs
52.25 Ls view
Tables till 70cm: Mars from Gambs
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The most common and advantageus way of offshore company formation in
Seychelles is incorporating an IBC, which is an ideal offshore instrument
for international business and investment activities.
Company setting in Seychelles may take from one to five days, which is
one of the shortest terms for offshore company incorporation.
For offshore company registration in Seychelles, only one director
and one shareholder are required; each of them can be either physical person
or corporate entity. Their details do not appear in the public records.
Information about beneficial owners, directors and shareholders
is kept confidential, not becoming the part of public record.
For maintaining owner's confidentiality, nominee services are also available.
British Virgin Islands (BVI) offshore company incorporation.
BVI offshore IBC company formation services provided by Fidelity.
Offshore BVI services include offshore company incorporation and
administration, provision of registered address and registered agent, company
management (directors and officers), nominee shareholders, bank account
introductions and management as well as corporate searches
and filings, drafting of corporate and business documentation.
According to the new BVI Business Companies Act, Registered Agent is required
for all British Virgin Islands companies, regardless of company type
and sphere of business operations.
The requirement equally refers to onshore and offshore companies.
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