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The most common and advantageus way of offshore company formation in
Seychelles is incorporating an IBC, which is an ideal offshore instrument
for international business and investment activities.
Seychelles IBC's are incorporated under the
International Business Companies Act 1994, which enables for
the formation of offshore companies
with minimal compliance requirements and high confidentiality standards.
For offshore company registration in Seychelles, only one director
and one shareholder are required; each of them can be either physical person
or corporate entity. Their details do not appear in the public records.
Information about beneficial owners, directors and shareholders
is kept confidential, not becoming the part of public record.
For maintaining owner's confidentiality, nominee services are also available.
Obvious advantages of offshore company formation in Seychelles are
tax efficiency, full exemption from income tax, withholding tax,
capital gains tax, inheritance or corporation tax, minimal compliance
requirements, confidentiality and absence of foreign exchange control.
The BVI are a British Overseas Territory, and this provides for the country
exceptional political and economical stability and higher standard of living
than in most countries of the region. This is
an ideal financial and tax planning centre for international business
that is seeking less publicity and more confidentiality.
The BVI offshore IBC formation legislation was implemented in 1984
and is constantly developed according to the demands and
requirements of international offshore community.
The new BVI Business Companies Act provides full tax exemption
to all offshore corporate formations registered there
and ensures modern and flexible business environment.
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