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Designer furniture

433.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Drēbju skapis, sarkans from Bella Vita
91.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Nakts skapis from Bella Vita
434.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Drēbju skapis from Bella Vita
Remiks (ZJK-0003)
33.00 Ls
all offers
353.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Trauku skapis from Bella Vita
22.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Kastīte from Bella Vita
187.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Divvietīgais soliņš from Bella Vita
2591.00 Ls view
Designer furniture: Goccia from Divano Italiano
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There are Seychelles shelf companies available, however if you wish
to form an IBC according to your own needs, you can choose among
the full range of optional services, including nominee services,
company management, offshore bank introductions.
Seychelles tax haven is a jurisdiction that actively promotes itself
as completely free of taxes which would otherwise be paid
in a higher tax jurisdictions.
Offshore activities in Seychelles tax haven are regulated by
the Seychelles International Business Authority, which provides
the company Registrar for IBC's and trusts, and approves registered agents,
offering the services of company incorporation.
British Virgin Islands Business Companies are usually incorporated using
the English language. Provision exists for a translation of the name
to be included in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
The function of the BVI Registered Agent is
to incorporate the offshore company for the client and
to sign the formation documents on behalf of the client. This makes
unnecessary for the actual owner of the company to travel to the
British Virgin Islands in order to sign the offshore incorporation paperwork.
BVI company law provides minimum obligation to file any returns or reports.
BVI IBC's are not obliged to prepare or file financial accounts, annual returns or
records. However, the company must keep whatever financial records the
company Directors feel enough to show and clarify the transactions carried out,
and to determine the financial position of the offshore company.
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